Hello World!

Welcome to our humble computer gaming society!

This place you see before you actually serves two main purposes:

  • Our community regularly post reviews , screenshots, and videos on a number of games – find out what our verdict is on the next big release!
  • We have all come from previous online gaming clan’s and have a professional gaming skill which we prove on the battlefield!

Our name, represents courage in our skill throughout many successful battles, and strikes fear into the opposing force of infidels!

Our MALICIOUS wave of chaos is a benchmark to the teamwork involved in doing such damage to our enemies!
We are all trained INSURGENT‘s, and are quickly able to move behind enemy lines unnoticed, allowing for swift defeat of our foe’s!
Most of our members have real-life experience in the ARMY, tactical deployment, reconnaissance strategies – we employ throughout our gaming, and whenever we do battle!

Game with us! Check out our dedicated gaming services.
We are currently recruiting to our Battlefield 3 divisions.
If you think you have what it takes, are willing to train, and cooperate with our elite fighting force, then please fill out your application!
Be aware that ALL applicants must be at least 18 or over, this is due to the maturity of our online society.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay!


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