Killing Spree

Every Other  Friday Night From 22:00hrs

This event is fully open to the public, as well as our registered community members.
It’s always great fun to get together and own n00b’s on first-person shooter games… Right!?

Well, keep reading to find out how you could join us as we go and dominate as many rounds as we can in a single night!
Just make sure you’re ready for some serious immersion time – as most of these sessions go on until the early hours!

Currently this event is only available for PC users, but this could change depending on popularity…
You are reminded that our private VOIP server is only displayed on the evening the event takes place, a full three hours before kick-off.


  • Join on VOIP services provided (optional)
  • ‘Friend’ or ‘Party’ with other users representative of this community
  • Work together to completely devastate the opposing forces!

The Event Venues Are:

Our Battlefield 3 gaming server


Game Configuration
Game Type
aftermath armoredkill backtokarkand closequarters endgame premium

*Matching clan tags on same team/squad.
*Round balances based on Score Per Minute.
*Adaptive map lists and tickets based on server population.
*Votemap/Votekick/Voteban enabled.
*Streaming to for player comfort.


Please respect the rules of engagement at all times, for more information click here.


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