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Review: Resident Evil 6

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Undone by its ambitious attempt to pack four game experiences into one, Resident Evil 6 suffers from a bit of… Read More »

Review: Far Cry 3

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Jason begins his evolution after escaping the clutches of Vaas, the mentally unstable leader of a pirate gang and the… Read More »

Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter

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Unlike the macho military shooters that inspired it, Medal of Honor Warfighter wants you to consider the effects of violence… Read More »

Review: Dishonored

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As Corvo Attano, protector to an Empress, players find themselves in Dunwall, a grimy port city whose population is being… Read More »

Review: Borderlands 2

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When you’ve managed to create an unexpectedly great first entry for a franchise, it begs the question: What the hell… Read More »

Review: Dead Island

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Dead Island is Fallout 3 with zombies. Plenty of people are going to compare it to Dead Rising (as you… Read More »

Review: Brink

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Set in a nearby future, Brink attempts to do something different with multiplayer gaming by focusing on free-running and parkour…. Read More »